A downloadable Speed Chugger for Windows

This is a Windows game about a wizard on a bike. Ride down the road, shoot at enemies, avoid trash cans and get fast! Your speed is your magic's damage, and killing enemies grants you speed! You can only reach 20 speed on your own, so get shooting! I am very excited to have participated in the very first Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation marks!

I did not use any third-party things except Unity if that counts. Look at the ugly speed-jammer graphics and tell me I did. I put almost NO thought into those graphics.

This game comes from how it's fun to ride a bike. I like  to ride my bicycle.


Install instructions

Um... download the zip, extract its files, read the read me and begin wizardry.


GMTK Jam 1 - Wizard on a Bike.zip 11 MB

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